Duotone Spirit Foil Carve 2020

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The Duotone Spirit Foil now comes as seperate parts, a 2 piece kit of Mast & Fuselage set + Wing Set.  Check them out under the foiling section of the site! 

The Duotone Spirit Carve is the foil you want if you want to Carve!  They don't call it the Carve for nothing!  Super smooth and manoeuverable, the Carve glides effortlessly through the turns and provides consistent and predictable lift making your foiling easier and more comfortable than ever.

The Carve wing, with a projected area of 950cm2, is a great all around size for the average foiler.  Super easy and stable to learn with, but with more than enough performance to suit even seasoned foilers, the Carve 950 is the go to if you want a foil that is going to handle anything you can throw at it.  Beginner, flat water, surf foiling, you name it! 

Available with different length masts, the 75cm is the go to, but for learning or shallower water conditions the 60cm option is a great choice.