Duotone Spirit Foil - Freeride Wing Set

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The Duotone Spirit Freeride foil is the new generation of the Spirits predecessor, the Speedster.  An easy all around wing profile designed to be simple and approachable to ride, with great stability and efficient lift generation.  

Quite a few improvements have been made to the wing design from the Speedster with a tweaked profile and a new mounting system to ensure compatibility with the latest Spirit mast & fuselage setup, while keeping a lot of great features from the original Speedster including the stabilizing winglets on the front wing, and the composite carbon compound used in the construction providing excellent durability.

Thanks to this construction method the cost is greatly reduced when compared to many other wings in the range, without needing to compromise on weight.  If you're just getting into foiling or looking for a bit more affordable option than the Carve or Surf range, get yourself a Freeride wingset!  

Duotone foils are sold in a 2 part kit, the wing set including the wings themselves along with the covers, to be paired with a Spirit Mast & Fuselage kit available in multiple sizes allowing you to pick a setup that suits your riding style and skill level.  The go to for most kite foilers is the 75cm mast, however those learning or kiting in shallowed water conditions will likely get a lot more enjoyment out of the shorter 60cm mast.

Wing Set includes front & rear wing.