Duotone Spirit Foil - Mast and Fuselage Set

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The Duotone Spirit Foil Mast & Fuselage Set is the core of your foiling setup, the main chassis onto which you can add a wide range of wings to suit a variety of different foiling disciplines.

Designed with a light weight & durable construction to provide the best possible ride, emphasising stiffness & rigidity ensuring your foiling is smooth and controllable.  The Spirit mast and top plate provides excellent stiffness and with its padded top plate bonded onto the top of the mast you'll eliminate any slop or wobble you may have experience on other setups. 

The fuselage is a well streamlined and efficient profile, while still maintaining excellent durability and without weighing you down.

All connection points use stainless steel helicoil inserts, eliminating corrosion issues that plague most straight aluminium constructions and greatly reducing thread wear over time.

This setup includes the shims, bags and covers needed for your full foil setup, just add whatever wing set you desire and a set of mounting hardware to suit your board and you'll be set to go.