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Naish Hover SUP Foil 150L

Naish Hover 150 SUP Foilboard 2019

  • $2,59900

Perfect for larger riders or anyone learning to SUP foil, the Hover 150 SUP foilboard features a wide shape with ample volume. Featuring a huge sweet spot, this board is forgiving to ride, helping novice foilers gain confidence quickly as they build their foiling skills. Perfectly balanced, its nose helps provide bounce off the water during the occasional touch down, keeping you in the air longer.

The Hover 150 still takes a regular FCS fin setup (or FCS II if you prefer) and can be ridden without the foil as a regular SUP too, increasing it's versatility.  Perfect for small mushy waves, super stable and easy to ride. 

Like all the Naish foil boards, construction is pretty heavy duty and the foil box is heavily reinforced to keep your whole kit together!