Naish Jet Surf Foil 2020 Wings

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With five new wing designs for 2020, the Jet foil range covers a wide range of users and uses which draws the question “Which Jet foil wing is right for me?” With a modular platform changing wings to adapt to your conditions is also very easy.

For 2020, all Naish wings are lighter weight and feature a new low drag finish and new trailing edge geometry that minimizes vibration. Every wing is constructed of unidirectional carbon prepreg, baked in a high pressure steel mold and then wetsanded with 600 grit for optimum surface structure.

The smaller wings suit kiting and more advanced wave surfing, but the 1650 is the go to for prone surfing and pumping back out. For SUP, the 1650 works well, but some riders are making the most of the 2000 and 2450, depending on their applications and wave conditions. 

Full compatible with the new S25 release due out in July.