Ocean Rodeo Glide Aluula A-Series Ultralight Wing

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The Aluula fabric has revolutionised the Ocean Rodeo kite range, and now they've taken what they've learned from the A-Series kites to produce a wing that is lighter, stiffer and offers all around unparalleled performance.  The best of the best in Ultra Light wings, the Glide Aluula from Ocean Rodeo is as much as 40% lighter than other competing wings!

The Glide features the unique matrix handle system from Ocean Rodeo, allowing for customization of your handle positioning to suit your riding style.  The handles are removable, allowing for simplification of the control system and further weight reduction.

Also featuring a high pressure centre strut is designed to be run at 12psi, adding additional stiffness and performance to this already incredibly light and agile wing.

The Glide A-Series is the ultimate in wing foil performance.


  • Aluula Fabric - Ultra Light and Strong
  • High Pressure Strut - Increase Performance
  • Compact Window - Increased Visibility
  • Matrix Handles - Versatile Control System