Duotone Evo SLS 2021

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The new Evo SLS takes the already impressive all around performance of the Duoton Evo to the next level with the same stiffer, lighter and stronger construction option that has revolutionised the Duotone Neo.

The Evo SLS is the ultimate all arounder offering excellent light wind performance and relaunch, unbeatable boost and hangtime and upwind and foiling performance like no other.  If you're looking for a kite that will do it all, the Evo SLS can handle it.

Aside from the new SLS construction there are some other major improvements to the design, predominantly the inclusion of the new Flex-Strut design that has been hugely successful on other kites in the range.  The Flex-Strut design improves turning response and speed/agility in a way that perfectly synergises with the new stiffer SLS frame, providing improved control and lightning fast response.