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Nobile 2HD 2017

  • $69900
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Complete board with Pads/Straps/Fins/Handle

Main features: 

The 2HD (Double Hydrodynamic) is for thoes who like to go fast!  The fastest board in the Nobile range, the 2HD is super fast while still being controllable and responsive at speed.  The bottom shape has been finely tuned to keep friction and water resistance as low as possible, resulting in a board that planes easy and can achieve extreme speed on the water.  A carefully enginneered flex pattern uses Nobile's Pre-Stress technology to achieve excellent edge grip and control at these high speeds, meaning you can ride super hard and fast without feeling out of control.  Pairing this extreme speed with excellent pop, the 2HD is a boosting machine!  If you like to go fast and go big, the 2HD is the board for you!