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Nobile NHP Split 2019

  • $1,69900

The Nobile NHP Split is THE kiteboard when it comes to travel!  The Nobile splitboard technology allows you to take amazing twiptip performance with you wherever you go, hassle free.  Packs down into a backpack size, and within a couple of minutes you can be fully assembled and out on the water thanks to the easy to use W-connection system and unique Click'N'Go attachment system for fins, pads/straps and handle. 

Rectangular channels on the tips guarantee super upwind performance and stability when riding and jumping on the NHP Split, and a perfectly designed Hydrodynamic rocker line improves the comfort, maneuverability and pop. The rocker means the board performs well in chop, while a Split W-Connection (4th generation) maintains the rocker lines and the performance capabilities of the board. The Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape gives it a longer back-side edge, guaranteeing perfect control during the ride, while a shorter toe-side edge translates into fast and agile turns.