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North Spike Twintip 2015

  • $89900

We’ve all been there, arrived at the beach to discover the forecast hasn’t delivered. Now with the Spike you needn’t worry, it’s our light wind machine and it’s here to save the day! Available in three sizes, the 163 offers the best upwind and low-end performance, it is also very easy to ride. The 153 has slightly less low end, but still gets going very early. It feels much smaller on your feet, making it perfect for light wind freestyle and big jumps. There is also a smaller board in the range, the 141, this is tuned to be a light wind freestyle machine, perfect for those riders looking to perform the latest tricks! The Spike also works really well in gusty winds and is very popular with kiters who ride on inland lakes. It’s time to make every session count, no matter how light the wind is, add the Spike to your collection.

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