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Naish Alana SUP 2016

  • $1,19900
  • Save $700

The Alana offers premium GS construction from Naish with a full diamond surf deck and gloss rails. This premium construction is difficult to find on more recent boards, so if you are chasing an awesome board with great performance and durability, then you can't go past the Naish Alana 2016 model.

8'10"-Compact surf design for women riding everyday wave conditions.

The 8’10″ fuses an exaggerated tail rocker with a wider platform for stability and incredible maneuverability in the surf. This compact design will fit into minivans, sport utility vehicles and station wagons.

9'5"-Compact women’s design with added stability for effortless wave riding, recreation cruising and easy transport.

The 9’5″ features an exaggerated tail rocker, single-concave bottom and soft rails to make turning on a wave incredibly easy. This shape is perfect for lighter riders in small surf and bigger riders wanting more stability in a shorter wave board.

Ideal for riders up to 210 lb (95 kg)


10'10"-All-around, extra stable, do-anything women’s design for cross training, touring and small surf.

The 10’10” features a radical multi-concave bottom shape that channels the water from nose to tail. The multi-channel bottom combined with the low rocker makes it glide incredibly straight for a wide board of its length. The wide outline and slightly recessed deck in the standing area provide unmatched stability. The forward deck has eight insert holes for a bungee accessory to carry coolers and gear.

Ideal for riders up to 240 lb (109 kg)