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Naish Mana

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Naish have been trimmed down and cleaned up the Mana increasing rail performance and reducing excess volume. The nose has a traditional short board shape and the rocker under the feet has been flattened off making it much faster to paddle and faster on a wave.

The Mana offers premium construction offers durability wihtout the weight and comes complete with a gloss rail finish & ledge handle. 

Manas are available in GT (wood deck) or GS (AST) or GTW (wood reveal deck). 

The Mana 10’0 is perfect for the beginner looking to get some waves or the big guy looking for stability.

The 9’5 Mana is great for the smaller guys and has been one for best selling boards for the ladies. Its smaller size makes it ideal as a big guys 2nd board with more surfing performance than the 10’0 but is still easy to paddle in the flat water

The 8’10 steps the performance level up a notch. Great as big guys dedicated surf board. Its wide tail adds loads of stability and the thin rails really let it get into a wave face.

The Mana 8’5 is a true performance board. Only available in the GT construction.