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Nobile Infinity Foilboard

Nobile Infinity Split Foilboard 2018

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The Nobile Infinity Splitboard is a foil board like no other, splitting in two pieces for storage and transport you can pack your whole foiling kit into a regular suitcase size and travel with ease.

Full length EVA concave deckgrip is great for strapless riding and keeps you attached no matter where you stand on the board, adds a little padding too!

Light and durable, easy to use and ride, and makes for a great surf/freeride crossover board even without your foil attached!

Available in a complete package with the Nobile Zen Foil, an alloy/carbon composite hydrofoil offering excellent all around performance.  Super light weight and highly durable with variable length masts and different wings available.  Comes complete with the regular all around foil wings, 86cm alloy mast and alloy fuselage.