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North Speedster Hydrofoil

North Speedster Foil 600

  • $97500
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The Speedster Combo is an easy accessible foil and the ideal tool to quickly improve your hydro foiling skills. The main characteristics are a huge speed range, and excellent track stability.

  • Huge speed range, suitable for many levels of riders
  • Unique winglets for immense track stability and an improved turning radius
  • High lift and impressive resistance to stall makes it easy to tack and jibe
  • Unique and incredibly durable carbon compound wings and fuselage
  • Winglets improve not only the directional stability but also help the foil track smoothly through turns
  • Included back wing wedge which exerts less force thus helping the beginner to control the lift of the foil

 Special order 600mm mast, ideal for learning & for shallow water areas.

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