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Starboard Widepoint 9'5"

Starboard 2017 Widepoint 9'5" x 32"

  • $1,59900

When it comes to all around surf performance and usability the Starboard Widepoint is a clear winner.  With a 32" wide platform it has all the stability you need to get you out in choppy and lumpy conditions, but a fine rail profile and narrow tail ensures you don't have to compromise on surf performance to get it!  The Widepoint is fast and agile and will handle a huge variety of surf conditions.

Whether you're an experiened surfer new to SUP, a bigger rider who wants a little extra stability, or just don't want to work too hard, the 9'5" Widepoint is a stand out board that is sure to please, stable and easy to ride and will outperform any other board in it's class when it comes to surf performance.  


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