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Starboard Astro Tikhine 2018

  • $1,49900

The new Tikhine lines featuring custom artwork from Sonni Hönscheid and David Carson with 3 art options available.

11’2″ x 32″ Tikhine This great shape blends nice glide with good stability. Suitable for day trips, yoga sessions and fitness workouts. The increased waterline and higher volume makes the 11’2″ x 32″ a top Tikhine choice for riders above 100 kg.

10’2″ x 31″ Tikhine This fun compact board’s wide tail makes it easy to step back and make quick fun turns. The glide sensation of the very light hull makes it a top choice for riders below 90 kg.

Amazing artwork and inspiration. 

Shoulder Carry Strap making them effortless to carry to the water.

Tail carry handle. Can be converted to a paddle holder, one of many Starboard innovations.

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