Balance & Training - Vew-Do Balance Boards, Slacklines and more!

Our new Balance & Training category has just gone live, check out the range here!

With the addition of the Gibbon Slackline range last year, and most recently the Vew-Do balance boards, we've had an amazing response and demand for the gear both in store and online. So we've dedicated a section of the online store to balance and training gear and hope to add even more great options for balance recreation and cross training in the future!  Watch this space!

Vew-Do Balance Boards

Vew-Do Balance Boards are an awesome balance training aid developed and fully produced in the US. Originally created to assist with snowboard instruction and training the boards have been hugely popular among those with a passion for boardsports, whether it be surfing or kiting, skate, sup, snow or anything else. Vew-Do boards will provide hours upon hours of entertainment, all while being excellent balance/board training and practice.


Their gear has also been instrumental in certain avenues of physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy, can be utilised in other fitness and training areas such as yoga and pilates, and has even been intergrated into offices all around the world, used in conjunction with standing desks to keep people physically active and moving throughout the work day!

Gibbon Slacklines

Gibbon Slacklines are another awesome balance training tool that can provide plenty of fun when you can't get out on the water, though maybe a little less approachable than balance boards!  Originally a bit of a niche sport done mostly by rock climbers in bad weather, Gibbon have brought slacklining to the rest of the world with a simple and easy to use setup making the sport a lot more approachable.  Compact and easy to use, but difficult to master, they're a great bit of fun for any sports enthusiast.  A few sessions and you'll be pulling off moves like this.. maybe:

Balance & Training - Vew-Do Balance Boards, Slacklines and more!