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Trading in your Kitesurfing Gear

So it’s time to upgrade your kiting gear.  Rather than mess around trying to sell your old gear privately,  or leaving it in the garage to decay away, why not trade it in?

If you live locally, it’s too easy.  Give us a call or email and we’ll figure out what you’re after, then you can bring your gear in and we’ll inspect and work out a trade in for you. 

If you’re located a little bit further afield, we can still work out a trade in for you!  Thanks to the power of the internet (and the postal service of course), anything is possible!

Give us a call or email, we’ll figure out what you’re chasing and what you want to trade in and we can work it all out from there.  Generally we’ll get you to send some photos and give us a good description of your gear, and we’ll provide you with an estimated trade in value based on that.  

From here we can book it in to have your kite collected or you can send it in, when it arrives we’ll inspect and confirm for you, finalise your order, and get your new gear sent out!

We’re always looking for quality second hand kitesurfing equipment, especially if it’s relatively new in terms of model/design and has no major repairs or damage, trading in can work out excellent value.  That being said, we’re happy to look at trading anything!  We can always work something out, well, within reason. If you’re trying to trade in your 7m 2005 Fuel that’s home to an entire ant colony...  I mean we’ll still probably take it but we’re not making any promises...

Trade in your kitesurfing gear with Adventure Sports

If you’ve got any questions on kitesurfing gear, new or used, or want to look at trading in your set up, feel free to Contact Us with your enquiry. 

Not quite ready for a new kite?  Want to check out our range of great used options?  See them here!

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Welcome to our Articles & FAQs section

Welcome to our Articles & FAQs section

Here at Adventure Sports we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise, with most of our team having a good 15+ years experience kitesurfing, from handling and repairing equipment, to teaching, or simply kiting ourselves.

Knowing is half the battle, and while we're always happy to chat on the phone or over email, sometimes you just want to sit down and do a little light reading or independent research when you've got a moment.  We thought it best to start compiling all that knowledge here online for you to browse through when it suits.

We'll cover a whole range of topics, from how to get started with the very basics, to what gear you'll need to learn your chosen sport, and a lot of safety and equipment specific information.  

If you've got any questions or have an idea for a topic you'd like to see covered here, feel free to Contact Us!

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