Keahi de Aboitiz with Cabrinha in Noosa

In case you don't know the story; Keahi's dad Chris de Aboitiz started the school "Kitesurf Australia" in the late 90's and was instrumental in bringing kiteboarding to Noosa. At that time, Keahi was only very young but it didn't take him long to join his dad in teaching kiteboarding. The rest they say is history. Keahi has gone on to win the World Wave Championships twice & the Tarr family has continued what the de Aboitiz family started all those years ago.

When we purchased the shop in 2007, Keahi was still at school and just making his mark on the kiteboarding world. We couldn't help but share a few photos for those who didn't know Keahi then. 

This photo is when Keahi won the Coolum Kite Festival Downwinder Race hosted by Adventure Sports. A lot has changed in 10 years.


We are pleased to bring Cabrinha Kiteboarding to Noosa and it continues to be a pleasure working with Keahi on building the kitesurfing community locally.

Check out some of the local crew at the Cabrinha demo day recently. We all enjoyed catching up with keahi and checking out his form, even in the light wind conditions.



Thanks also to Alan from Cabrinha for all your hard work pumping kites :) 


We also hosted a safety clinic where George took some of our intermediate riders through safe launching and landing practises along with self rescue. The turn out was great and the feedback was really positive. Let us know what you enjoyed learning the most. 


Keahi proving light wind is no excuse. 




Keahi de Aboitiz with Cabrinha in Noosa