Globe Geminon Drop Thru

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The Geminon 35" Complete Longboard from Globe.

Globe designed this complete to be your next versatile favorite for downhill bombing or sidewalk surfing.

 Featuring drop through, Slant Inverted Trucks for a lower center of gravity, giving you awesome stability at both high and low speeds.

The Geminon comes standard with 83a Globe wheels for plenty of grip and a smooth roll with an 8-ply hard rock Maple constructed deck to keep you stable and secure no matter how you're riding.

The Geminon 38.5" Longboard Deck from Globe.

The Geminon complete incorporates the beauty of symmetry into a serious vehicle of reckoning.

 This roadster rides low to the ground for greater stability at speed, and has a symmetrical shape (so no front or back) which is ideal for free-riding and power slides down hills. 

Whether you're doing bomb-runs or skating the boardwalk, you'll find the performance you're looking for in this board.