Duotone Echo Foil Wing

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The Duotone Foil Wing was an innovative and highly successful wing to hit the market last year, through the use of a boom and battens it was able to provide a much stiffer and higher performance feel than many existing wings, offering an overall superior experience.

The Echo is the first stage in it's evolution, keeping the boom and batten design that proved extremely successful but adding a few new refinements, as well as a greater range of size options.  The new draft control rope as well as a stiffer LE profile makes for an overall more rigid and responsive wing, especially in higher wind or when jumping.  These additions, as well as some overall tuning to the canopy profile increasing tension makes for an extremely high performance and stable wing that will outshine many in even the most extreme conditions.

The Echo ships wing only, in the bag.  You'll require a compatible Duotone Boom available seperately.  The Original Silver Series Boom (115-175cm) will suit all wings up to 5m, with a new larger boom (141-201cm) suitable for larger wings from 4-7m.

Available in a variety of colours, if you have a preference please contact us when ordering.