Duotone Neo SLS 2022

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The first generation Neo SLS was the debut for the new SLS construction; Stronger, Lighter, Superior.  Hugely successful, this newer light weight design pushed the bounds of kite performance, and we've seen it rolled out across most of the Duotone range since.

One year on, the SLS Neo is back and better than ever, now with another year of development behind it to really tweak and apply what has been learned about the Penta TX fabric, the key to the SLS range.  The development team have looked at how it performs in the air, on the water, and with many hours of rider feedback behind it to deliver a kite that outperforms even it's predecessor.

Unparalleled drift and stability.  Incredible speed and agility.  The Neo SLS is a wave riding machine like no other.  Ever versatile, the Neo SLS will handle a variety of conditions and riding styles, but has been really tuned to maximise your wave riding performance and stands out from the crowd when it comes to kiting in the surf.