Duotone Neo SLS 2021

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The new 2021 Neo SLS makes some huge leaps forward in terms of performance and design, with the innovative Penta TX material provide a huge weight reduction of 15% and with it, a significant performance increase.

Stiffer and lighter than ever before, the SLS Neo is faster and more agile than it's predecessor, as well as having better drift and down the line surf capabilities.  It's lighter weight construction brings huge benefits when it comes to hanging in the air, especially in lighter or less than ideal conditions.

The new Penta TX leading edge and frame construction is up to 5 times more tear resistant as well as 50% less stretch, meaning not just an upgrade in overall performance, but durability and longevity too.  The main canopy is still constructed of the ever reliable Trinity TX fabric ensuring no compromises have been made on this model, only the best of the best. 

With a newly tuned shape for 2021 and featuring the Flex Strut technology, the 2021 Neo SLS is the premier choice for surf style riding.  Take your kiting to the next level with the Duotone Neo SLS. 

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