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Eagle creek Pack-It Specter Sac Set

Eagle creek Pack-It Specter Sac Set

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Ultralight packing organization. These three packing sacs weighs in at less than 2.2 ounces cumulatively. Made of Silnylon, these sacs are made of the same translucent fabric that is used to make lightweight tents and backpacks. They are super-durable, stain and water-repellant. Use them to organize your toiletries, receipts, or any other small items in any backpack, day bag or piece of luggage. The Pack-It Specter Sac Set is a must have!

Small Sac

Dimensions: 20 x 15 cm

Weight: 16g


Medium Sac

Dimensions: 25 x 20 cm

Weight: 18g


Large Sac

Dimensions: 36 x 25 cm

Weight: 28g