Fanatic Stubby LTD 2016

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The Stubby represents a new approach to wave board design. Inspired by modern surfing concepts with a compact outline and more parallel rails, the Stubby combines stability and ease of use with speed and radical responsiveness. The wide nose enables a longer and cleaner rail line, which gives loads of hold on the wave face and through the turns even though the board is quite short. The extra stability allows for less volume and a slightly narrower centre. The double diamond tail provides the grip to dig deep in tight carves and hacks into the pocket. A surfy rocker line offers all the fast reactions and flow you’d expect from a high performance wave toy. The wide nose and tail enables the rider to select a slightly smaller board in terms of length and volume (as an example, the Stubby 8’2″ is comparable to an 8’9″ ProWave). Both sizes are available in our incredible Carbon/Innegra LTD construction to round off this powerful package.