Futures Stamps Green 5 fin Set

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Excellent speed generation, fluid and dynamic feel with a bit of spring, but still maintaining decent drive the Futures Stamps are a go to for a versatile and high performance fin set.  They'll provide a good amount of speed but still allow you to maintain control.  5 fin set allows you to run a quad or thruster setup to suit different boards and conditions, but with a feel that will remain familiar across the two different setups.  A little more drive and stability than the Blackstix, but still fast and agile. 



  • Size: Medium (65kg - 88kg)
  • Front/Centre:  Height: 4.46" -  Base: 4.45" -  Area: 14.84"
  • Quad Rears: Height: 4.04" - Base: 3.76" - Area: 11.56"