Ion Rage/Zeiss Sunglasses

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Are you looking for maximum UV eye protection without loss of depth perception often associated with fully polarised lenses? Then check out the latest from ION & ZEISS. 


  • Grilamid TR 90 bio-based: lightweight highly flexible, tough, shatter-proof, perfectly suited to all climates
  • ZEISS lens with INTER_POL function: for perfect wind detection on the water surface
  • PC lens with ZEISS Ri-Pel water repellent front and back: high scratch and break resistance, solid lens thickness (1.8–2.0 mm)
  • Protection index 3: ZEISS Multi-layer mirror the perfect shading for Watersports, 100 % UV protection
  • 8 Base lens curvature: ZEISS high quality EVS shape for wider peripheral view, descent red lens (eliminating distortion), low light waves invasion
  • Safety leash: to connect your sunglasses to your wetsuit or rashguard
  • Floater tube: ensures floating of your glasses if you loose them after a crash
  • Sunglass bag: for protection and cleaning
  • Elastic headband: for tight fit