North Solid 6mtr Traction

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The "5ht Element-like Pressureless Safety System" continues to be the most important feature of the Solid 2011. In addition to the regular landing and launch option, this system offers perfect safety functions: releasing the 5th Element saftey line pulls down the kite's central profile, causing the rest of the kite to collapse backwards. The wind meets no resistance and the depowered kite sinks to the ground. 

Together with improved profile and bridle geometries, we optimize the flying properties of the various sizes. The smaller sizes now have more harmonious flying characters and permit an absoloutelt stress free liting experience, particularly for newcomers and intermediate riders. The Vario Trim option allows the rider to adjust the kite to personel preferences. The 2011 Solid is a true fun kite. With its easy and forgiving flying characteristics together with a wide wind range and the safety of the 5th Element, the Solid 2011 combines reliability, easy handlibg and perfomance.