Naish Jet Foil Complete S25

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The Naish Jet foil has seen some huge improvements this year, with a major focus on increasing stiffness and rigidity while reducing weight.  Better yet, it's all still backwards compatible with your existing Naish Jet/Hover gear so you can still mix and match and upgrade what you want.

A few major changes to some of the components have made a significant weight difference, with an overall weight reduction of around 20% which you'll notice immediately handling any of the components.  A wider, stiffer mast with a very solid connection point makes for a much stiffer and more responsive ride eliminating any "wobble" or "slop" underfoot.  

The Jet is an awesome cross discipline foil, providing a high performance, durable and affordable chassis that can be modified to suit nearly all forms of foiling, from kite & wing to sup & prone and even more.  A huge variety of wings are available from easy beginner wings to the high performance high aspect range, as well as a different mast & fuselage sizes to suit all conditions and styles.

If you're after a versatile foil that can grow with you as a rider, you can't go past the Naish Jet. 

Sizing options are presented as [Wing Size / Stabilizer Size / Mast Length]. 

Components can be ordered separately, please check out the foiling section of the site or contact us for more info.