Naish Quest Alana 9'8" SUP Package

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The Naish Quest Alana 9'8" is a super stable, easy and versatile SUP to suit the whole family.  With a wide 34" platform and 200L of volume the Quest will ensure stability and ease of paddling for all shapes and sizes, in a huge range of conditions.  A channeled quad concave bottom provides excellent tracking and glide on a shorter board, the 9'8" tracks like an 11 footer but at a much more convenient size, lighter weight and a bit more convenient to store and transport.  Super durable Naish construction that will keep you out on the water for years to come.

Great option if you're looking for something you can use with the whole family, pop the kids or dog on the front of, and get out there on the water.  Comes complete with everything you need to get out there including a super light weight Naish Alana 80% Carbon paddle.

Package Includes:

Naish Quest Alana 9'8"

Fanatic Carbon 35 Diamond Paddle

ION Sup Leash 10'

Clear Protective Rail Tape