Naish Thrust Kite Foil

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The Naish Thrust Foil is one of the best designed and most comprehensive foils on the market.  It's modular design is perfect for any cross discipline waterman who wants a foil that will do it all, Kite, SUP, Surf or Windsurf, with a couple of different masts and wings you can cover the whole range.

The Alloy/Composite construction is light weight and durable, and with variable length masts available you can use the Thrust system all the way from your first foiling session, right up to advanced progression.  Variable trim options allow you to tweak performance of the foil to suit your individual style or skill level. 

Kite Foil setup details:

Mast Size: 90 cm | Aspect Ratio: 3.38 | Wingspan: 54.6 cm | Surface Area: 880 cm2 | Fuselage: 64.2 cm