Nobile Flying Carpet 2018

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The Nobile Flying Carpet is one of the best light wind boards available on the market, excellent for getting up and going in light wind, bigger riders who just need a little more under their feet, or simply for getting up and going in those first few sessions.  An amazing beginner/school board, has been used in our kite school here for years and proven extremely successful. 

The Flying Carpet doesn't lack in peformance either, using Nobile's Pre-Stress construction methods you get a board that's super smooth to ride for such a large board, anywhere you need to truck up wind in choppy water and still keep your knees in one piece, the Flying Carpet will be a lifesaver!  Surprisingly agile for such a large board, you'll find you can still ride the Flying Carpet and have fun even in moderate winds and a large variety of conditions.


  • Light board weight
  • Optimum upwind performance
  • Maximized planning surface
  • High comfort
  • Solid edge grip
  • Easy pop