Radicool Lycra Legionaire

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The panels and flap of this hat are made of SPF 100+ Nylon Lycra to offer children total protection when playing at the beach, water-park, lake or any water play. The flaps cover the ears and neck and the hat has a plastic peak and will not deteriorate with age. The fabric dries very quickly.

The inside sweat band is made from Radicool Protex fabric that can wick moisture away from the head for a more comfortable experience.

The Infant size has a toggle which can tighten the hat size by up to 3 inches or 7.5 cm and is designed to fit infants up to age 3.

The Small size has a relaxed inside band measurement of 19 inches or 48 cm but the elastic at the back of the hat expands to allow it to fit a head measuring 20.5 inches or 52cm. The Small hat usually is suitable for children up to 5 years old.

The Large hat has a relaxed inside band measurement of 21 inches or 53cm and the elastic at the back allows the hat to expand to 22.5 inches or 57cm.