Starboard Widepoint 8'10" SUP Package

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The 8'10" Starboard Widepoint is a great choice if you're after a board with some real surf performance, but still stable and easy to handle.  The 32" wide platform ensures paddling out is easy and you can handle choppy conditions, but a performance rail profile and pulled in tail gives the Widepoint great agility on the wave.

The Widepoint is the perfect board for someone looking to progress into the surf and take their SUPing to the next stage, or for someone with a good surf background and decent skill level who's keen to get into SUP and get straight out into the waves.

Package Includes:

  • Starboard Widepoint 8'10" PineTek 2017
  • Starboard Tiki Paddle with 100% Carbon Oval shaft
  • 10' ION SUP leash
  • Clear Rail Tape

Everything you need to get straight out there on the water, and at great value with $525 worth of savings.