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An easy way to secure your Stand up Paddle board, the Sup Lock fits into most ledged SUP handles and provides a secure locking system you can use to attach your board to any solid object, keeping it safely where you left it.  Whether you just want to put your board down in a busy area for a few minutes after a session, or secure it overnight outside your home or accomodation, the Sup Lock is a fast and simple solution.

Drop the Sup Lock into your boards handle, set it to the locked position, feed the cable through and then secure the cable to whatever you like.  Couldn't be easier.


  • Sup Lock Mechanism
  • 2 seperate locking pins to suit a variety of handle shapes
  • 6ft reinforced lockable steel cable
  • 2 keys

Tested with handles on a variety of boards from major brands.  Suits current model Naish, Fanatic, Starboard and many others.