Are You Buying a Carbon Neutral Brand?

The whole environmental aspect of manufacturing has become so topical of late so we thought we would share just a little of what some of our major brands are doing to offer a sustainable product.

We were excited to discover that Duotone have made their boards carbon neutral this year and are using recyclable packaging (no plastic, no Styrofoam) to bundle up their boards to send overseas. 

This innovative concertina style product packs down super small so we can re-use it again and again, but offers maximum protection to the boards while in transit. 

Duotone are also aware that many of the products used in manufacturing have an environmental impact. They are constantly working on more sustainable materials like water based resin etc, but while they work through these technological advances, they are dedicated to maintaining a carbon neutral offset for their manufacturing. To find out more about their policy, check out this article here.

We recently discovered that Ozone have made a commitment to solar on their factory in Vietnam. Check out the video on their 'investment in the future'. 

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we added solar to our shop over a year ago and will continue to support the brands that are doing their part to protect and sustain the environment.

Often people ask us why the major brands are a little more expensive than some of the smaller, lesser known brands in the market. With innovations like this, it isn't hard to see where the money might be going. These brands are committed to sustainable environmental protection but they also invest heavily into R&D and the kiting community as a whole, with event sponsorship and more.

Next time you are in the market for a new kite or board, why not consider these brands, either new or used. 


Are You Buying a Carbon Neutral Brand?