Duotone Testing 2020

It's been an exciting year of innovation without compromising our expectations this year. The 2020 Duotone line up has included a pulley-less Dice, A lighter Neo and a reworked Carve or Surf Kite Foil and our team have really enjoyed testing them all. We've also added a few new wave boards including the fun and lively 5'3 Wam Pro series, which Fiona and Liam are fighting over nearly every downwinder. 

Dice 2020

The Dice has been one of our favourite kites for a number of years now and when we heard they had removed the pulleys from the front bridles, we weren't sure what to expect. 

The Result

  • A faster turning kite with less bar input required (but not twitchy at all).
  • The same stability we've come to expect (no over flying, no hunting the bottom of the window, smooth in the gusts and a huge wind range). 
  • More drift, adding to its 'all round cross over from freeride, surf or freestyle'. 
  • Continued upwind ability, even in lighter wind conditions.
  • Unhooks with little or no tuning required.

All up, the new Dice hasn't disappointing the team. Relaunch remains the same, the kite rear line launches in light conditions but does require a little more front line tension than previous models to initiate the down loops. 

Neo 2020

The Neo has undergone almost constant changes of the last few years but this year looks like Duotone have found the balance between drift, power and wind range. 

The Result

  • Improved wind range with a more controlled feel when de-powered and better light wind capability.
  • Improved stability without compromising the drift
  • Smoother power delivery through the loops, but it does like to be powered through the turns.
  • Bigger difference between the four wing tip/bridle settings resulting in a better drift option or a faster turning option.
  • Massive hang time for freeriders looking for boost or freestyle surfstyle riders looking for more airtime to land the unstrapped tricks.

Carve Kite Foil

George can't get enough of this new foil from Duotone. The previous model was manufactured from a fully moulded composite which was good, but did feel the flex of a powered up ride. The 2020 construction has included an alloy fuselage, lighter wings and a generally more polish product.

The Result

  • Smooth and vibration free power delivery.
  • Suitable for all levels including beginners.
  • A variety of mast lengths to suit your main use (they are mast and plate together so the cost is higher than some brands to mix and match your masts).
  • Super stable through the carves and easier to maintain height once up and riding, even on toeside.
  • An affordable, progressive all round performer on flat water and in the surf/swell. 

Wam Pro Series 5'3

It's hard for smaller riders to find the right board and the introduction of the 5'3 to the Wam Pro series has been well received by both Fiona and Liam. 

The Result

  • A controllable unstrapped board in all wind and surf conditions
  • The rocker and traditional shape have proven ideal for both Fiona in lighter conditions and Liam in powered conditions no matter what the wave size. 
  • The poly construction smooths out the chop and offers a nice feel on the wave.
  • The production fins are pretty good, so no need to rush out and get an expensive set, but the unibox works well with future or fcs.   

The line up in store of Duotone this year has been well received. With great colour options, well known durability and continued product innovation, they remain at the top of the kiting market.   

Duotone Testing 2020