Wing Foiling Lessons

Wind Winging.  Wing Foiling.  Wing Surfing.  Wingdinging.  Nobody's really decided what to call it yet, but you all know what it is!

We offer private one-on-one lessons on wing foiling, both for beginners just getting into the sport, as well as those who are looking to hone their skills or iron out a few kinks. 

Wing foiling is still quite new and still in a fairly experimental phase, but the team here have been working hard on developing our skills and expertise in order to effectively teach the sport and get you up and going on your own as soon as possible. 

We've already been having a lot of success with our wing foiling lessons and have had many students pick up the sport, even those with next to no experience either foiling or in other wind sports. 

  • Highly experienced team with many years experience teaching Kite & Sup Foiling.
  • Customised instruction to suit the students individual needs.
  • Excellent safety record, with all relevant council permits and qualifications.
  • Radio coaching helmets provide instant feedback and close communication.
  • Latest equipment to ensure optimal progression.