Fanatic Aero Foil Review

The Fanatic Aero foil was initially a foil we'd dismissed based on one reason alone: It's heavy. In a sport where people are constantly looking for something lighter weight and talking about how many grams they can shave off their setup we thought there was no way the Fanatic Aero could match other competing foils, so much so we didn't even order any when they were first released.

Turns out that was a big mistake, and we're here to tell you why!

On the Beach:

First thing you'll notice about the Fanatic Aero is very obvious.. the weight.  When you pick it up it feels like a bit of a brick compared to some others. The complete Aero 2000 we have here weighs in at about 6.25kgs which is a good kilogram or more on top of many similar sized setups from other brands we keep.

But as it turns out there is a method to Fanatics madness here. This thing is solid as a rock!  Stand it up and give it the "wobble test" and it's very clear this is an extremely rigid unit. The mast only flexes a minimal amount, and the torsional strength of the fuselage is pretty amazing, it doesn't twist or move at all!

Overall, the build quality is excellent. It's a very well finished unit, all the joints are rock solid using M8 bolts with stainless steel helicoil inserts to prevent corrosion and thread wear we've seen in other constructions. The travel bag and covers are all well designed and it packs down nice and neatly with everything well protected. 

There's 3 different wing options, a 1500, 2000 & 2500.  There's also a couple of different fuselage (640mm & 800mm) and mast (750mm & 900mm) options too, and all of these are interchangeable.  The kit also includes 4 different rear wing shims to tune the lift/performance to your own style and size.

We're running the 2000 wing on a 640mm Fuselage and 750mm mast.

On the Water:

While that weight might slow you down when you're trekking down to the beach, out on the water you don't really notice it having a big impact.  You can feel a bit of extra weight down at the base of the board, but if anything it makes for a little more stable feeling. We're using it on a SUP, on a small prone foil board it would maybe be a little more noticeable, but still, when it comes to actually riding an extra kilogram or so really doesn't make a lot of difference.  At least, I'm sure that's what we all tell ourselves when it comes down to that last slice of pizza!

The rigidity however is noticeable immediately. This thing is so solid, there's no slop, no flexing, no wasted power or effort.  Everything feels extremely stable and efficient, especially when pumping. The result here is a foil you can "read" a lot more accurately, what you're doing on the board and what the foil does in the water feels so much more in sync. Little inconsistencies that would normally throw you off or slow down your reactions just don't seem to cause the same problems they would otherwise.  

We've been using the Fanatic Aero for teaching, both SUP and Wing foiling, and the difference is pretty staggering especially for a beginner. The Aero provides a very consistent and predictable ride, and the direct feel and feedback means you can learn from your mistakes much more effectively. We've had people struggling on their own setups, get up on the Fanatic and ride easily within a few minutes, which is always a good sign. 

In terms of the more performance aspects, it continues to impress. We're using it with the short fuselage and it's quite agile, reasonably fast, and provides a huge amount of initial lift to get you up and going, but without becoming uncontrollable.  At the higher performance end the 2000 wing is probably not quite as fast or aggressive as some may be chasing, however there is a high aspect wing we have yet to test that would likely give that fast and responsive ride some of you more advanced riders are looking for and it fits straight on the existing mast and fuselage. 


The Fanatic Aero foil is an excellent foil that far outshines our initial expectations.  It's stable and easy and would make an ideal option for any learner, especially larger riders who will greatly benefit from the rigidity it provides. It's well priced, well built and versatile. It's certainly a little on the heavy side for transporting and carrying, but doesn't seem to suffer in performance for it at all. The weight compromise was obviously a conscious decision on Fanatics' part and now having tested it quite extensively, we can say quite confidently that they made the right decision here. 

As always, any questions at all feel free to contact us.  

You can view the Fanatic Aero here online, it's a two part kit consisting of the Mast & Fuselage Set, and the Wing Set.

Check out our Youtube video review here below: 

Fanatic Aero Foil Review