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Five Ways for Kitesurfers to Avoid the Wind Drought Doldrums

Posted by Fiona Tarr on

We have had a little wind drought in Noosa; by that I mean a few days without strong wind (the locals are a little spoilt at times). It looks like the change of season is coming with SE winds predicted very soon. Instead of getting all depressed about the wind doldrums, why not take this opportunity to do one or all of these little alternatives:

  1. Do something interesting and fun with the family/partner to clock up a few brownie points for when the wind is back. You know; SUP, surf, hike, a day at Dreamworld..... Or maybe take on that project your partner has been bugging you about for ages.
  2. Check your gear over. Is there a 'bodgy' little repair you did while the wind was honking and you can now send it away for a professional repair? 
  3. Add a 'no wind' option to your repertoire so that on days like this, you can always have a fun alternative. SUP, surf, kayak, skate..... All great options.
  4. Watch DVD's - Check out some of the wave kiting DVD's or a DVD on new tricks ready to try when the wind is back.
  5. Last but not least....plan your winter escape now. There are some great options available this winter, including our Fiji Trip which will be on again this July/August.   

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