Naish SUP - Glide 12' Touring and Surf Cross Over

We recently tested this board at the Naish dealer meeting in small surf and flat water.  What a fantasticly versitile board!  If flat water speed and stability are important for your exercise and training, but you are still looking to catch waves then this SUP is the perfect all rounder.

The Touring 12’0″ features a displacement bow that cuts through the water and provides smooth gliding. It also has a pronounced double-concave bottom in the nose that flows to a slight V in the tail for unparalleled directional stability. The 12’0″ has a slighter wider outline and a winger tail, giving novice paddlers a large sweet spot for stability.  This tail also ensure you catch every trailing swell and is great on small to medium sized waves. 

Ideal for riders up 104 kg

Length 12’0″
Width 31″
Rail 5 3/4″
Volume 261 L 
Weight approx 13.8kg