Adventure Sports 2023 News & Recap

What a year 2023 has been. We don’t usually recap like this, but 2023 was different in so many ways and changes are on the horizon for Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia.

If you are an online buyer and you’ve never stepped foot in our store, then the only news that might interest you is we are scaling down our business and a huge Boxing Day/New Year Sale is coming your way in January, so keep an eye on your inbox.  

But if you are a local, or you visit Noosa often, you’ve likely called in to see our family business over the past 17 years. If this is you, then read on…


The year started off strongly despite last summers conditions being far from the best season ever. Sales were good, the new location at Lake Weyba has been working well and everyone’s getting the hang of our altered business hours.
Then Fiona’s author career went ballistic. Nearly ten years in the making and finally, a top selling Aussie Crime series hit the ground running in March. Good news for sure.
We have balanced her writing, the renovations here on Paradise Drive and the business nicely. June however, started a rollercoaster ride that we won’t go into too much detail on, but ultimately the rest of this year has seen the passing of Fiona’s mum, both of George’s parents and now our brother-in-law.
We thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding as we flew back to South Australia, six times in total. It’s been hectic to say the least.
So, a few decisions have been made.
NO…we are not closing down!!!
But we are taking a gap year in 2024.
We can hear the cogs turning from here. How on earth does a retail shop take a gap year?
To start off, Simon will take long service leave. With over 13 years on the job, the break will be most welcome, and it’s been impossible to get Simon to take any sort of annual leave, so the break will be a long one.
Fiona and George will travel more – finally getting the caravan that’s been sitting in the driveway out and about. We’ll be posting videos and updating everyone on all the best spots to kite, wing, sup or foil all over Australia.
We’ll also take this time to spend with our family. The realisation that our older sisters and brothers-in-law are getting on has hit home hard.
So how does business go on?
We will be open by appointment. Either George and Fiona when they are in town or Simon when they’re not, will open for appointments, to dispatch online orders and basically help out on a casual basis wherever possible.
Ideally, we will be on the water with you more often. At this stage, lessons will go on as usual. We don’t plan to travel too much until winter.
We will focus on clearing existing stock, so watch out for the post-Christmas sales and if you’ve had your eye on something in store, come in and see us to discuss. We’ll have regular hours until the end of January.
2024/25 stock will be by order. Only limited stock will be available in store, but we’ll be sending out emails and texts to get the orders in and offering excellent pricing to compensate for any wait time.
Rest assured, we are still operating, still here if you need us and still helping you make the most of your sport on and off the water. Our extensive experience in the kiting and winging industry is still here for you.
Any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone, email or webform.
Adventure Sports 2023 News & Recap