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Vew-Do Balance Board - Butter NUB Complete - Australia

Vew-Do Balance Boards - Butter NUB Complete

  • $24999

The Vew-Do Butter NUB is an awesome balance trainer for anyone who wants to improve their skills or work on their balance.  Sitting only an inch or two off the ground it's safe and approachable for all, and provides training for front-to-back, heel-toe and rotational balance control.

The Small 28" deck and shallow rocker makes the Butter NUB super approachable and easy for people of all ages and skill levels to approach.  Board sports training, rehab, or just for fun the Butter NUB is an awesome starting point of anyone interested in balance boards.

The Butter NUB is 100% US made, as with the rest of the Vew-Do range.  Constructed of North American maple the Butter NUB is built to last.

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