Huge range of Kitesurfing equipment and accessories, major brands such as Duotone, North, Cabrinha, F-One, Ocean Rodeo, Naish, Ozone, Nobile. Shop in store or buy online.

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Duotone Pace Kite Foil Board 2020-2021
Nobile NBL Kiteboard 2021
Nobile Fish Skim Foil Kiteboard 2021
Nobile Pocket Foil Kiteboard 2021
Nobile Flying Carpet Lightwind Kiteboard 2021
Nobile NHP Carbon 2021
Sold Out
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ION Short Leash Black
Sold Out
ION Apex Waist Harness 2018 Orange
Sold Out
ION Vertex Kite Waist Harness 2018 Black
ION Riot Curv 9 Waist Harness 2021
Duotone WAM Surfboard 2020/2021
Duotone Entity 2021 Angle
Duotone Neo SLS 2021 Dark Grey
Duotone Neo SLS 2021
From $1,939.00
Duotone Click Bar 2021
Duotone Trust Bar 2021
Duotone Dice 2021 Dark Grey
Duotone Dice 2021
From $1,579.00
227 results