Naish Bullet S27 Hover Wing Board

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Size: 85L
Wing foiling is progressing at an incredible speed and we are at the forefront of progression and development. The Hover Wing Foil Bullet line targets riders who want go as fast as possible and be part of the growing racing movement in this new sport.

The Bullet board design offers a comparably narrower and longer water line in order to provide more “get going” performance which allows the use of smaller and thinner foils to achieve higher speeds.

The boards feature a large and steep bevel which allows for more rail clearance in order to angle the board harder when riding upwind.

The flat deck area is well suited for a wider stance that gives the rider additional control and makes switching stance very easy and intuitive.

The segmented rocker actively helps to bring the board up to foiling speed and has a reentry feature that makes it easy to recover if the board drops off the foil even at high speeds.

We have paired these well thought out and tested shapes with a cutting edge pre- preg carbon construction that is extremely light, stiff and durable.