North Spike Twintip 2014

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Using a unique shape concept the Spike combines a large surface area, and flat rocker, with an asymmetrical concave and straight centre section. This gives the board unbelievable upwind abilities and gets it up and going in light winds while others are left on the beach.

The 163 offers the best upwind and low end performance in the range, it is also very easy to ride.

The 153 has slightly less low end, but still gets going very early. Underfoot it feels much smaller than it is, so it is perfect for light wind freestyle and freeride tricks.

The 141, is tuned to be more of a light wind freestyle machine, it works really well in gusty conditions and is popular among riders who ride inland on lakes.

Entity Combo Footstraps-The Entity, is ergonomically shaped footpad sets new standards in the evolution of kite sports. The Entity offers a variety of settings to perfectly fit on each foot, in addition it is quick and easy to mount and even looks damn good on your feet! 

Vario Footstraps-Anti Slip structure guarantees a firm grip in all situations

Ergonomic Footpad

Easy size adjustment with velcro closure

The Vario Straps Width and the Vario Pads Distance can be ajdusted steplessly when mounted on the track boards