6hr Private Kitesurfing Lesson Package


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Unfortunately we no longer offer our 6hr package.  Regular 2hr lessons can still be purchase and booked here

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The perfect package for someone who wants to take up kitesurfing. This 6 hour package covers the whole lot, from rank beginner basic setup and safety, to getting out on the water and board riding. With 6 hours of private instruction under your belt you'll be at a stage where you can get your own equipment and get out on the water safely with no assistance required.  

As with all our lessons we tailor the instruction to your needs and level of prior experience. Our focus with a 6 hour package is to get you independetly kiting so you can get out on the water any time and practise your skills to achieve your kitesurfing goals. 

All private 1-on-1 instruction using the latest and greatest equipment, radio coaching helmets, and our highly experienced instuctors.

Split over 2-3 sessions of 2-3 hours, the 6 hour package is great value and an excellent way to get yourself out and kiting independently.