GoPro HD Wrist Housing + Strap

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The GoPro HD Wrist Housing allows you to wear your HD HERO camera on your wrist like a watch
The HD Hero camera pivots upright to shoot videos or photos, but stays securely attached to your wrist even in this position. The Wrist Housing is perfect for surfing or snorkelling, hiking or climbing, the HD Wrist Housing makes it easy to have a camera on hand for video and photo opportunities that occur at times when traditional cameras are too inconvenient to use or carry.
Waterproof to 60 metres, the housing can also be strapped to gear such as kayak paddles and the leading edge of kitesurfing kites. This allows the kite surfer to film their entire session looking down from above, as though they had a private helicopter camera crew following them while they surf. The HD Wrist Housing has an adjustable neoprene strap that fits a range of sizes from a child's wrist to fitting over the ski jacket sleeve of an adult.
Construction: Polycarbonate
Hardware: Stainless steel nuts and bolts
Wrist Strap: Neoprene and Velcro®
Included Accessories
GoPro HD Wrist Housing
Neoprene and Velcro® Wrist Strap (One Size Fits All)