Aquapac Waterproof Electronics Case

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Aquapac are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of waterproof electronic cases, producing a case that is 100% waterproof, sand proof, dust proof and sure to keep your Phone, GPS, or music player safe and sound when you're out in the elements.  A thin but durable TPU construction means you can still talk, see and touch through the cast to use your device as normal, talk on the phone, take photos, read directions all while keeping your gear safe and secure.  IPX8 rating, waterproof to 10m.


Available in a variety of sizes to suit several different devices:

Mini - iPhone 4, 5 or keys, or small UHF radios etc

S - iPhone or Galaxy regular (non plus) models

Plus - iPhone or Galaxy plus phones or similar

Plus/Plus - iphone or Galaxy plus models with the Otterbox or similar heavy duty phone case still on.