Duotone Replacement Complete Line Set - Flite 99

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Full replacement line set of the new 2021 Flite99 lines, can be easily retrofit to older click bars for a simple and effective upgrade.  

The new Flite99 lines offer some excellent performance and durability upgrades, using the best quality Dyneema available.  An increase in breaking strain by 12% as well as 15% less elongation will ensure they last longer and provide better performance throughout their lifespan, and with 6.5% less wind exposure they provide less drag and resistance through the air making your kite fly faster, repond quicker and perform better all around. 

In addition, a new coating used will ensure your lines last longer and stay stronger, and the Flite99 Monofil compound helps to prevent any kinking or fraying, as well as reducing general wear and tear.